Leasehold Valuation Tribunal


Leasehold Valuation Tribunal

If you have a dispute with the freeholder of your building you can apply to the LVT and ask them to look at your case. The LVT is a completely independent body that deals with leasehold disputes of all kinds.

They deal with building disputes, building notices, disputes regarding building insurance, management charges and much more.

Panel Of Experts

Will Adjudicate Your Case In order to apply to them you must fill in an application form and send them a small fee. You need to provide evidence for you claim and the other party will have to do the same. The case will be looked at by a panel of experts who will look at the evidence and if necessary may go and look at the building before they make a decision.

How Much Will It Cost?

Something to consider is that the party that brings the case will be responsible for ALL of the costs which will also include the costs for the freeholder to defend themselves. This can be very costly so consideration must be given to this before you proceed down this route.

It is not uncommon for the costs to be in excess of £10,000 (depending on what the claim is for). Of course costs will be much lower if you are asking them to look at something very minor like landlord charges for services carried out on your behalf.

It is worth speaking to somebody at the LVT before you decide what to do. They will be able to tell you how long your case may take and can answer any questions that you may have.

Consider The Costs Involved

It is worth noting that a court may consider when awarding costs whether or not your problem could have been dealt with mediators. If you lose your case and refused mediation services you may have to pay the other parties fees.

You can choose how you wish your case to be heard. You may deal with your case with written evidence without the need to appear in person. They may contact you in order to view the property and may want more information from you. If you disagree with their decision you may appeal against it but you will have to ask for permission and the grounds on which you will appeal.