Lease Disputes


Lease Disputes

If you have a dispute with your landlord it is a good idea firstly to discuss the issue with your landlord before you get others involved. You may want to include other leaseholders if the dispute affect them too.

Sometimes a freeholder will take a problem more seriously if he is approached by more than one leaseholder. If this steps do not work then you can get in touch with a professional mediator who may be able to resolve your issues. All parties will be able to discuss their issues in an informal manor and without the etiquette required for a court session.

Mediation Is Worth A Try

The mediation provider will try and work out a solution to the problem. If possible this is good way to try and resolve your issues and it is the most cost effective way. There will be a small fee to pay but it will be cheaper than going to the residential property tribunal. Unlike a property tribunal you can walk away at any time if you are unable to settle your disagreement

Leasehold Valuation Tribunal Can Help You

Of course disputes are part of everyday life but reading leases and legal documents can be confusing and hard to understand. Leases are not easy to read and complex clauses are also viewed differently by individuals. Parties parties may interpret a lease differently which is where disputes arise and may need to be dealt with by professionals.

This is where the LVT can help but it should really only be as a last resort as it can become expensive if you are involving professionals to act for you. In the event that you do have to apply to the LVT for a hearing we have detailed some of their costs here

Consider The Costs Involved

It is worth noting that a court may consider when awarding costs whether or not your problem could have been dealt with mediators. If you lose your case and refused mediation services you may have to pay the other parties fees.