Ground Rents With Leases


Defective Leases

We can still sell your building if there are problems with the existing lease. We have clients that specialise in just buying properties with defective leases. Sometimes the process of changing the lease or preparing a deed of variation can be time consuming, with little benefit to the freeholder.

Selling Defective Leases - Problem Leases

If you are granting a lease extension to your lessee there is obviously going to be a financial gain, but if it is mundane rewording of the lease you could sell the property now and let the new landlord deal with lease adjustments. We would be happy to advise you in this regard. We have buyers that specialise in this area of property investment so we would be happy to act for you.

Problem Leases - How We Can Help

We have a good demand for freehold properties where leases may have been created many years ago and may be defective. We have a good level of expertise in this area and are able to give you help and advice if you selling a defective lease. Any offers that we put to you will be unconditional and with no strings attached.

Once we agree a sale on your behalf you can sit back and put your feet up. We will deal with any problems that may arise and will be happy to deal with all parties. We have a lot of experience in this area of the property market so please get in touch.

Get in Touch With Us

Some of our buyers specialise in buying ground rents where there are significant amounts of money outstanding on service charge and ground rent. So if you were put off selling your investment because you were worried about the arrears give us a call. We can't promise to get the arrears paid back to you , but we can certainly sell your ground rent investment even if there is an existing dispute. For an immediate offer please get in touch with us.