Ground Rent Buyers


Ground Rent Buyers

We have a long list of buyers for all different types of ground rent investments. We have individual ground rent buyers that are looking for small ground rent portfolios as well as institutional investors that purchase large ground rent portfolios to be used in pension funds.

All of our buyers have cash funds available and all of them are ready to proceed as quickly as any vendor is able to go ahead. If you have a big portfolio of ground rents to sell we would love to hear from you.

Some of our buyers have no upper limit on the price that they can spend so we welcome ground rent portfolios of any size

Ground Rent Buyers

Most of our ground buyers have purchased ground rents from us in the past so we are in a position to personally recommend most of them. We have a good working relationship with these investors who are always looking to increase the size of the property holdings.

Very few of our sales fall through unless the vendor pulls out. There is no reason to have a survey carried out on any of our sales which means most of our sales can proceed to completion as quickly as possible.

Institutional Ground Rent Buyers

We also have institutional ground rent buyers who are looking for very large ground rent portfolios across the UK. Generally these buyers are looking for portfolios in excess of £500,000.

Many large blue chip companies have moved into ground rents because of the low interest rate environment and the fact that they are currently not getting good returns in the bond market. They have turned to ground rents because they are low risk and offer a good rate of return.

If you are selling a large ground rent portfolio we will certainly be able to secure a sale for you at a good level in this current climate. No portfolio is too big so please send details over to us for a free market appraisal