Flats With Short Leases


Flats With Short Leases

Many people own properties with short leases. It is not particularly easy to put a value on these properties if you are looking to sell the leasehold interest. Unless you get a qualified surveyor to value your property or speak to an enfranchisement specialist, it will be hard to value the leasehold interest. You may have a flat with a 40 year lease that you are looking to sell and not sure how to get the best price.


Flats With Short Leases Free Valuation

If you provide us with a little information we will be able to tell you in our opinion what your property will sell for on the open market. Our valuation is free of charge. If you are happy with our valuation we will commence marketing of your property immediately whereby the details will be uploaded to this site and placed on the ground rents for sale page.

Short Leases From 5 Years To 50 Years Wanted

You may be surprised with the value of your property, even with a short lease. We appreciate that these flats are going to be impossible to borrow money against but we have a large number of cash buyers just looking for flats with short leases. We are really looking for flats with leases of between 5 – 50 years. We can still sell these properties whether they are tenanted or vacant.

Give Us A Call For An Immediate Offer

We have lots of ground rent buyers that specialise in buying flats with short leases across London and the south-east. We can help with any type of short lease flats whether it is in poor condition and tenanted. Generally speaking most of our buyers will not require access to the flat so exchange of contracts can take place fairly quickly. There is no need to have any surveys carried because most of our buyers have cash funds available.