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Market cools down sharply in November


The property market has seen a sharp slow down in November helped by the introduction of stricter mortgage rules. Buyers are also taking stock and holding back because house prices have risen so sharply over the last 12 months.

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Eric Pickles investing further £53m in new homes


Eric Pickles has announced that the government is to invest millions of pounds to boost the supply of new homes. He announced recently at the Chartered Institute For Housing conference.

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Bank of England vindicated on Help To Buy


The Bank of England (BOE) will be pleased with the way it’s flagship scheme is working in the North East and the Midlands. Despite calls from many property experts to withdraw the scheme

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Mark Carney changes mortgage rules


The Bank of England has announced new measures aimed at cooling the housing market in an effort to stave off another financial crisis.

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Exodus of Londoners moving outside of M25


The massive price in house prices across London has had a dramatic impact on the number of Londoners looking to buy the home of their dreams outside of the capital. Many Londoners have traded their shoebox-sized flats in the capital for detached homes in other parts of the country.

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First Time Buyers To Increase In 2014


New data just released has shown that the number of first time buyers that agreed to buy a home was at it highest level in six and a half years. The number of new entrants is now at the same level not seen since 2007 and shows a property market that is now well on the way to recovery.

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Reforms to be introduced by Ed Milliband


Ed Milliband has said that if the Labour party were to get into Downing street they would make major changes to the way the rentals market conducts itself. The Labour Party said that he wants to see immediate changes to the way that tenants are being treated and wants more to be done to help Britain’s nine million tenants.

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European calls for UK Council Tax reforms


The European yesterday announced a raft of measures that the UK should make in order to quell the UK property market. With the London market having risen so quickly over the last couple of years

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More affordable homes required to ease housing crisis


There is no doubt that building more affordable homes is necessary if we are to ease the current housing crisis

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Construction output falls due to floods


Output in the construction industry shrank in February according to data releases by the Office For National Statistics ( ONS). The setback was put down to the bad weather which was the wettest winter on record

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Supply of available homes continues to fall


Tell us something that we don’t already know! The supply of homes that are coming to the market has fallen again for the sixth consecutive month

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Sellers increase average asking prices by 7% a month in London


Londoners in some parts of the city are increasing their asking prices by an average of 7% per month. This is very worrying and will raise some eyebrows in the government as ministers try to convince the market that there is no property bubble.

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New affordability rules may cool housing market


Stringent new tests will come into force for borrowers at the end of April aimed at ensuring that borrowers do not overstretch themselves when taking out a mortgage. until now many items on borrowers bank statements would have been ignored. Items like takeaways and child care were not taken into account. However this is about

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No affordable housing in new garden cities


It has been revealed that there will be no requirement to build affordable homes or low-cost homes in any of the new Garden Cities that have been in the news recently.

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£300m announced to build 10,000 affordable homes


Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has announced that the government is to make more money available to councils to invest in new homes over two years from 2015.

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Moving costs increase inline with house prices


The average cost of moving home went up by 6% in 2013 according to the a report carried out by Lloyds Bank. The figure take into consideration stamp duty, estate agent fees, solicitors fees and removal costs.

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House prices could rise by 35% by 2020


RICS predict further growth As we all know house prices are on the up but recent data released by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors show that prices could rise have risen by as much as 35% by 2020.

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Warnings as house prices rise nearly 2% in February


The were more warnings from some experts today as house prices continued to rise at a rapid pace. Prices were up by nearly 2% in February with first time buyers having to pay nearly £19,000 more for a property than last year.

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Tougher mortgage scrutiny for buyers from 26th April


It will be harder to get a mortgage The criteria for obtaining a mortgage is about to get tougher from the 26th April. Borrowers will be asked to provide 3 months bank statements and some costs that were not taken into consideration will now be included in the borrowers monthly outgoings. The new affordability test

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Nationwide and Halifax indices show prices still going up.


House prices could be even higher that current data suggests The recent data released by the Halifax and Nationwide building societies show that house prices may have come off a little in March but that the annual rate of house price inflation was still on target to exceed all previous expectations. Whilst they both disagree

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House price increases slows in March


House prices drop by 1.1% in March House prices dropped slightly in March but it is expected that this trend will be reversed for the rest of 2014 and house prices continue to rise. House prices are still on target this year to match price increases not seen since 2007. The market is on an

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Construction sees sharp rise in growth


According to data released by the Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) there is optimism that the recovery can continue over the next couple of years amongst construction firms across Britain.

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London house prices rise by 18% in 12 months


The UK's biggest building society has said that house prices in London had increased by 18% over the last year as house hunters chased too few homes across the capital. The numbers will not be welcomed by everybody particularly working families across London who face the prospect of having to move out of the

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