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About Our Company

About Us

We have been selling ground rents for over 20 years and have a large database of ground rent buyers always looking to buy properties across the United Kingdom. We have made it very easy for landlords to sell there ground rent investments with the minimum of fuss.

We are also able to help with any problems that may exist with leaseholders and any arrears that may have accrued. If you have ground rents for sale all you have to do is email the details over to us and we will do the rest. We will call you with a free valuation and process to find you a buyer without any delays. We can help you with section 5 notices and any other questions that you may have.

Ground rent sales - a very easy process

  • Get in touch with us
  • Get our free appraisal
  • Sale agreed + S5's served
  • You receive your cash
What We Do - How Can We Help You

We have earned an enviable reputation in the ground rent market as the leading ground rent brokerage selling ground rents from London to Newcastle. We sell ground rents of any lease lengths and cater for landlords with small blocks of ground rents as well as big ground rent portfolios. We can also sell ground rents with long leases and short leases.

Let Us Deal With Your Leaseholders

Why not let us deal with your leaseholders. Is some circumstances we can serve the required section 5 notices on your leaseholders for you. We are happy to deal with any queries that your leaseholders may have.

We are also happy to deal with any disputes that exist between the leaseholders and the landlord. As soon as we agree a sale on your behalf you can pass our details onto the leaseholders and ask them to contact us.

Get In Touch

Get in Touch With Us Get in touch with us today and add yourself to our list of satisfied customers. Most of the ground rents that we sell are sold within a couple of days and we guarantee that you will not disappointed!


We require Leases of any length

99 yr
125 yr
80 yr