Will Conservatives Build More Affordable Homes?

The Conservatives promised in their manifesto that they would provide another 275,000 new affordable homes and now that they have got a majority government we will all be watching closely to see if they can deliver. With the big cuts in welfare payments and other withdrawal of benefits during the last parliament the government is under huge pressure to provide affordable homes across the UK.

Labour party pre-election pledges for rent reforms are now in tatters

Ed Milliband has promised to overhaul the rentals market with sweeping reforms that would have benefited tenants in Britain but those pledges have been washed away with his failure to win the election. The new government will come under pressure to carry our some reforms in the rental sector but one thing is for certain and that is that there will be no rent controls.

David Cameron will be under pressure to build the promised 200,000 affordable homes before 2020

David Cameron has promised to build 200,000 homes to be sold at a 20% discount to be sold to people under 40 but this will not help families on the minimum wage. Housing campaigners are keen for the government to provide homes that are affordable to rent but it is unlikely in this climate that this will be high up on the governments to do list. Campaigners are already on the defensive because Labour have failed to win the election and many of them will not be satisfied no matter what David Cameron does.

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