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Ground Rent Valuationfree ground rent valuations

Ground rent valuations are not rocket science. If the leases are in excess of 90 years a simple calcuation is used.

Once we have given you a free ground rent valuation we will find you a buyer and get the ball rolling. We will then write to all parties confirming details of the sale

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Once a sale is agreed we will serve section 5 notices on your leaseholders free of charge to you saving you time and money

We will also deal with any queries that the leaseholder may have regarding the sale and report back to you.

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We will serve section 5 notices on your leaseholders once a sale has been agreed. WE DO NOT CHARGE FOR SECTION 5 NOTICES!!


Ground rent sales any lease length wanted. 999 125 & 99 year leases

All leases wanted to include 125 year leases, 99 year leases and leases under 80 years. FREE VALUATIONS ON ALL PROPERTIES


Ground rent sales leases under 80 years required.. Free market appraisal

Ground rents with leases under 80 years are worth considerably more than long leases FREE VALUATIONS ON LEASES UNDER 80 YEARS!!

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9 flats built in 2012. Each flat pays annual ground rent of £150 ( total £1350 per annum)


94 Student flats sold on long leases producing £36k PA Ground rents linked to RPI every 5 yrs. Freehold for sale.


Freehold includes 4 shops, 8 Flats, ad hoarding. Ground rent £3,050 PA. Landlord manages/insures

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herne-hill-se24-ground-rents for sale-new-listing

3 conversion flats sold on long leases paying ground rent of £1050 PA. Ground rents double 25 yrs Landlord manages/insures.


New instruction 3 flats with 999 year leases. Landlord manages/insures. Ground rent currently £1250 PA doubling 25 yrly.


7 flats in converted pub sold on long leases paying total ground rent of £500 PA. Landlord manages/insures. Insurance premium £3,300 PA.

Selling ground rents with short leases? We always require properties with short leases and would love to hear from you if you have a property to sell.

I have been selling ground rents through Ground Rents For Sale for over 10 years and would highly recommend them as an excellent company to do business with.

David Bishop, Mayfair,London W1

We urgently require freehold ground rents to sell. If you are looking for the highest prices along with a great service then please get in touch with us.

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