Ground Rents For Sale – Properties Urgently Required 

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Ground Rents For Sale – Call For An Offer

ground rents for sale

Ground rents for sale across Britain

Ground Rents For Sale

Ground rents for sale across Britain. Are you selling ground rents?. We can to help with all types of leases with or without management. Top prices always achieved. We can help with your ground rent portfolio and would welcome the opportunity of discussing your property that you may be considering disposing of now or in the near future.

We are able to advise on individual ground rents, small blocks of ground rents, large blocks of flats and whole developments with no upper limit on the number of units to be sold. We have a database of professional investors acting for corporate companies and individual investors that are always looking to increase the size of their ground rent portfolio.

Ground Rents – Cash Buyers – Fast Sales – Quick Completions

Generally speaking most ground rent sales are cash purchases with no surveys being carried out by the purchasers. This means that the sale is not slowed down with bank finance and the problems associated with that. There is no point in anybody trying to borrow money against ground rents, particularly at the present time.

Despite the current climate and the financial constraints placed on property companies by the banks we are finding that that the ground rent market is still buoyant. Our company has a large number of investors to include pension companies and various other financial institutions. These investors are looking for a steady income stream that ground rents provide and want to buy blocks of flats with or without the management responsibilities.

Ground Rents – Management And Insurance

Most ground rents are sold with insurance and management provisions in favor of the landlord, in other words the landlord is able to manage and insure the block. However we are also keen to hear from freeholders that are selling pure income without any management responsibilities in favor of the landlord as we have many investors that do not want to deal with the day to day management of the building. Generally speaking ground rents with management and insurance sell for more than ground rents without management.

Ground Rents – Problem Leases – Ground Rent Arrears

We have a large number of  buyers registered that also wish to buy problem leases and blocks where there are ground rent arrears. In most cases we may be able to get the arrears paid to landlords by our buyers on completion of the sale. Generally you can ask for the buyer to pay you the arrears going back six years. We are currently receiving high levels of interest from all types of applicants and can often achieve far in excess of the asking price for some properties. If you are looking to sell your ground rents for the highest prices please get in touch with us. We can normally get back to you very quickly with a valuation.

Please call us and we will be able to go into more detail or use our contact form below. We will normally get back to you with an offer within a couple of hours. Please visit our ground rents for sale page to view our current list of properties for sale

Ground rents for sale are always looking for new instructions and can offer very favourable rates. We sell 99 year leases, 125 year leases and leases under 80 years.
Ground rents for sale require all types of properties and can tell you over the phone what your ground rents are worth on the open market. We offer free valuations and may be prepared to serve section 5 notices on your behalf free of charge.

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